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screenplay development and production preparation supported by the Hungarian Film Fund.

The story is based on a literary piece Helka – The Burok-valley of shadows, written for children by Peter Nyulász. The nationally known twisting adventure novel is now in its fourth edition, selling more than 11,000 copies to date.
However, the planned scenario of the film also aims to create a new world, besides reviving the old legend written in the fairy tale storybook.
The twisting, fast-paced story poses many challenges to the characters who unfold ancient secrets little by little, solve magical puzzles and rescue lake Balaton.
The tale is also about the growing up process of tweens and the development of a responsible attitude. The story is not without hilarious humor which sometimes arise from the created situations, while others are rooted in linguistic inventiveness.

Screenwriters: Anett Kormos, Éva Zabezsinszkij





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screenplay development supported by the Hungarian Film Fund.

Is it possible to build a whole Indian community from the ground up within 48 hours, in Hungary for the sake of a few million dollars heritage?

It was a cheerful Wednesday morning when the phone rang. Mr. Rathak passed away and left his few million dollars fortune to his only nephew Adikhavi, a respected lawyer in Hungary, a celebrity of the Indian community, the culture’s appreciated advocate. A true exemplary, number one Indian model in Budapest. A guy with a 1-2 million bucks heritage. Not too bad.

There was only one problem. Adikhavi, or as we call him Maugli dropped out of law school 8 years ago. He has been bullshitting his mum in India ever since with stories of his great career: how it ascended to exceptional heights through constant hard work and determination, becoming a hotshot in Budapest. In reality, he is a bartender at the gym where we all tend to pump up with the guys. But no worries Maugli, if you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to fear and we will stand with you! His lads promised to scrape up whatever he needs: a legal practice, an Indian bride, a fancy nook with traditional furnishing and a whole Indian community. Of course, everything comes at a price, as we all know well. And so has started the big jam, you don’t wanna know the end. Wrangles, partying, porn film shooting, court house trial, wedding, whatever you want or as you like it. Not to mention the Coelho style cheese stuff, such as friendship, tolerance and so on.

Screenwriter: Ervin Sallai

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